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How To Create A MEME

The word “Memes” is the biggest sensation in the Internet world. It has become so popular and common on social media.


The word “meme” is easy to pronounce. It is pronounced with a long ” e”, just like the word “esteem” or dream. If we forget how to pronounce “Memes”? We should remember this sentence:-

‘No one wants to join my team in Ludo”

Don’t worry, it’s not extreme.

What are memes?

The original “meme” was a term originated by Richard Dawkins to describe how cultural and political information spreads through the Internet services. If people talk about or mentions the word “meme” in public gathering, they are probably stating or referring the funny images or videos being shared on the Internet through variations.

Memes (a sensation) :-

Memes have become one of the go-to-moves of today’s social media:

  • They are interesting.
  • They are the source of entertainment.
  • They make us laugh and gives us joy.
  • They are easy to make and just the source of fun!

Memes on social media: –

Memes have become so popular on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. There are different pages named “Memes” on social media. People do like these pages to entertain themselves. After scrolling their home pages they find different trolls and memes in which they tag their Friends and this is how such trolls and memes become popular and a funny joke all over the world.

To describe a “Meme” or to tell it’s a joke, it is important to take a funny picture and to make it a more convenient joke it’s easy to write a joke on that funny picture. That picture can be of anybody, An animal, a boy, a girl, pets etc.

“Meme” is all about the funny things happening all over the world.

How to create a “MEME”:-

Memes can be easily made by us. It’s too easy to make a “Meme” by yourself and it doesn’t take much of your time to get done. Some of the websites on which we can make our “Memes” and can show our potential to it are described below:

  • Memedad.com
  • MemeGenerator.net
  • Imgur.com/memegen

These websites are fast and easy to use. It doesn’t take much of our time to get ready and to be published on social media. Nowadays Memes have become so aware of hot news topics and controversial news on Politics, culture, Film industries etc.

What we watch on our televisions, the same things got published on social media as “Memes”.

So it is also the awareness of things and shake us up to know the situation is wrong or right or what we think about it?

So it is the source of entertainment but it is also should be taken as our observations. We should be happy and watch such “Memes” but not to take that too much seriously to condemn something upon us.

“Memes” are the funniest things and should be taken for the entertainment purposes.

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